Fonti di Bellisio - Madonna del Sasso sulphurous mineral water: an antioxidant mine.

The sulphurous mineral water "Fonti di Bellisio – Madonna del Sasso" is particularly indicated for inhalant, otolaryngological cures and in many other pathologies of the respiratory system. Moreover, stating that drinking half litre of “Fonti di Bellisio - Madonna del Sasso” mineral water a day for at least two weeks time has a great antioxidant effect against the free radicals.
During your stay you can taste te effects of the sulphurous water "Fonti di Bellisio – Madonna del Sasso" and decide if keeping on your cures even when you are back home. “Fonti di Bellisio - Madonna del Sasso”, microbiologically pure at the source and bottled by the firms with no preservatives or propellants, has been kept in glass bottles of 1000 ml for inhalation useful.

Descriptions and features

“Fonti di Bellisio - Madonna del Sasso" is a sulphurous water with earthy alkaline chlorinated saline matrix, defined as fluoric, sodic, magnesian, calcic, chlorinated, sulphurous water. It contains sulphur in the form of sulphurous hydrogen characterized by an unmistakable smell. Another property of this water is its hardness (51-64 °F) that deal with the presence of calcium and magnesium salts.


“Fonti di Bellisio - Madonna del Sasso" used for inhalation has decongestant properties perfect for the inflammation of the airways.


“Fonti di Bellisio - Madonna del Sasso" sulphurous mineral water doesn’t have any contraindications as it is a natural spring water with no addiction of decongestonant substances. The use of “Fonti di Bellisio - Madonna del Sasso" sulphurous mineral water doesn’t have time limits.

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