An ancient resource for modern health care


The presence of sulphur in the landscape has been aroused the interest of important mining industries since a long time and they made this area one of the most important poles of the mining of Italy.


The sulphur working has been employing thousands of peolple since last century. and today the therapeutical properties of the sulphurous water have been rediscovered by the society“Bellisio Solfare Terme”. The results of the analysis and of the recent studies conducted by some Italian Universtities have afforded the society “Bellisio Solfare Terme s.r.l”to get the recognition of the water therapeutical properties by the Minister of the Health (managerial decree n. 3933 on 9-12-2009). Eventually today the water is called “Springs of Bellisio – Our Lady of the Stone”.


The thermal project set up by the society“Bellisio Solfare Terme”, gets the idea by the model of the thermal and wellness park. Its subjects will be the value of the environment, the quality of the spring and the history of a landscape deeply marked by sulphurous mines. So a few buildings, that used to be seats of the mining working, will be restored and renovated in order to create a most suitable place for health and wellness. The project expects both a bulding for the whole wellness (body and mind) thanks to holistic paths and treatments and the use of therapeutical properties of the water for thermal treatments oriented to the health care. As just when a health body, a healthy mind and a healthy soul live in harmony, we fell good, happy and peaceful.

Bellisio Solfare Terme s.r.l.
Loc. Bellisio Solfare, 196
61045 Pergola (PU) - ITALIA
tel. / fax
+39 0721 735000

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