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Nature and Wellness

In the heart of Marche, Pergola, in the picturesque scenery of the Gorge of the Madonna del Sasso, there is, a place bathed in water millennial whose therapeutic properties, known since the time of the Etruscans and Romans, have recently been confirmed by the Ministry of Health.

The sulphur

The sulphur spring placed by the river Cesano or "Suasanus", as the ancient Romans called it, is inserted in the Sulphur Mines Museum Park of the Marches, built up in 2005 to give evidence of the role of the sulphur digged out till the first half of the XX century and used by the pharmaceutical manufacturer.

The curative properties

Still today the sulphur spring keeps on enriching of those important curative properties present in the subsurface. It gives the fond of nature and wellness the chance to immerse in the fresh unmistakable solphurous water, for a regenerator bath surrounded by the green landscape of the Umbrian Marchesan Appennines.

The thermal waters

Rich in minerals and hydrogen solphide, the waters flow at a temperature of 14,5° and just by the source they join in natural baths and mix to the river Cesano. So they give life to waterfalls and natural small lakes protected by the peacefulness of the surrounding woods.

An oasis of peace and wellness where you can enjoy the nature in harmony with himself and breath clean air. You can walk along several paths just next to the river or simply reach the sulphur spring and refresh oneself with its curative waters and to give oneself up to the contemplation and quiet of the place.
A thermal park where you can leave your daily routine on your back and gather vital energy from the inspiring source of the nature.


An ancient resource for modern health care


The presence of sulphur in the landscape has been aroused the interest of important mining industries since a long time and they made this area one of the most important poles of the mining of Italy.


The sulphur working has been employing thousands of peolple since last century. and today the therapeutical properties of the sulphurous water have been rediscovered by the society“Bellisio Solfare Terme”. The results of the analysis and of the recent studies conducted by some Italian Universtities have afforded the society “Bellisio Solfare Terme s.r.l”to get the recognition of the water therapeutical properties by the Minister of the Health (managerial decree n. 3933 on 9-12-2009). Eventually today the water is called “Springs of Bellisio – Our Lady of the Stone”.


The thermal project set up by the society“Bellisio Solfare Terme”, gets the idea by the model of the thermal and wellness park. Its subjects will be the value of the environment, the quality of the spring and the history of a landscape deeply marked by sulphurous mines. So a few buildings, that used to be seats of the mining working, will be restored and renovated in order to create a most suitable place for health and wellness. The project expects both a bulding for the whole wellness (body and mind) thanks to holistic paths and treatments and the use of therapeutical properties of the water for thermal treatments oriented to the health care. As just when a health body, a healthy mind and a healthy soul live in harmony, we fell good, happy and peaceful.


Fonti di Bellisio - Madonna del Sasso sulphurous mineral water: an antioxidant mine.

The sulphurous mineral water "Fonti di Bellisio – Madonna del Sasso" is particularly indicated for inhalant, otolaryngological cures and in many other pathologies of the respiratory system. Moreover, stating that drinking half litre of “Fonti di Bellisio - Madonna del Sasso” mineral water a day for at least two weeks time has a great antioxidant effect against the free radicals.
During your stay you can taste te effects of the sulphurous water "Fonti di Bellisio – Madonna del Sasso" and decide if keeping on your cures even when you are back home. “Fonti di Bellisio - Madonna del Sasso”, microbiologically pure at the source and bottled by the firms with no preservatives or propellants, has been kept in glass bottles of 1000 ml for inhalation useful.

Descriptions and features

“Fonti di Bellisio - Madonna del Sasso" is a sulphurous water with earthy alkaline chlorinated saline matrix, defined as fluoric, sodic, magnesian, calcic, chlorinated, sulphurous water. It contains sulphur in the form of sulphurous hydrogen characterized by an unmistakable smell. Another property of this water is its hardness (51-64 °F) that deal with the presence of calcium and magnesium salts.


“Fonti di Bellisio - Madonna del Sasso" used for inhalation has decongestant properties perfect for the inflammation of the airways.


“Fonti di Bellisio - Madonna del Sasso" sulphurous mineral water doesn’t have any contraindications as it is a natural spring water with no addiction of decongestonant substances. The use of “Fonti di Bellisio - Madonna del Sasso" sulphurous mineral water doesn’t have time limits.

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